Drive Business Growth With The “All About You” Form

Recently I had a friend ask me over lunch, “How do you personally connect with clients?” For him, it was looking them up on Facebook and finding out what he could. Let’s be honest, social media stalking isn’t going to cut it when you want to know your clients on a more personal level. When I was an agent, I created what I called an ‘All About You’ form. From the title, you can tell that it was pretty self-explanatory. It was a form that I required all of my leads to fill out before I would even meet them only because I wanted to learn as much as possible prior to meeting face-to-face.

Don’t be a creeper

Asking somebody for a bunch of information about themselves is kind of a slippery slope. On one hand, you want that personal touch, but also you also don’t want to give off any creepy vibes that might scare somebody away. For me, my form stuck to basic information like birthdays, spouse’s name, anniversaries, kids and their birthdays, what kind of pet they had, and so on. It was all about walking that fine line between seeming genuinely interested about these people and coming off as invasive. If I had been asking for routing numbers to their bank accounts, that obviously would be way too sensitive of information to be tossing over to a stranger they hardly knew.

You have your client’s info. Now what?

  • Do they have kids? Send a Tyler Smith-branded gift card to a local ice cream shop on their birthday.
  • Pet owner? Make treat bags for their cat, dog, bunny or gerbil.
  • Approved for a loan? Deliver a bottle of champagne to the client’s office (more on this next week)
  • Closing anniversary coming up? Send a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or tickets to a local event to celebrate.
  • Did they rank their lender high or low? If they love their lender, maybe they are someone you should get to know. If your clients aren’t thrilled, it’s the perfect time to suggest someone new to them (i.e. your preferred lender)

My clients saw me as a rockstar and all I did was ask a few simple questions. They thought “Tyler is awesome. He cares about me, he cares about my kids, he even cares about my pets! There’s no doubt he’s going to care when it comes to selling (or finding) our home.”

Reach your clients when they least expect it…

…and leave them wanting more! Without the All About You form, there would have been no way to maintain killer customer experience that I provided. A big piece to succeeding in this real estate game is how you connect with your clients on a personal level; if you’re falling flat in this department, you’re selling yourself short. Besides, you don’t have time to be a Facebook stalker… you’re a REALTOR!

Get the All About You form…RIGHT NOW!

To make this easy for you, I’ve created an online version and a printable PDF of my “All About You” form. Seriously! It’s ready for you to use NOW! Click here to get started.

How are you going to use this info to WOW your clients? Share in the comments or tweet me @TyCloud!

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