Easy Tips To Hold Your Real Estate Team Accountable

How did you create such an accountable team?

First and foremost, your team has to want to be accountable. And they have to have goals and a vision.

It Starts With WHY

You have to understand why your team members are a part of your business. Is it because they are saving for their kid’s college tuition? Is it because they want lavish vacations? It doesn’t really matter what it is. Once you know their why, it’s not hard to hold them accountable and succeed.


Here’s an example: My buyers agent had to do the Ty’s 35 (35 items of service for every buyer she represented). I set up a contract with her. If she didn’t execute on the 35 items, her commission split would go down by 20 percent.

Think about it. She was highly incentivized to do these things and she believed in my mission and vision. She knew that these things would get her more business. We had a shared vision. Coincidentally, she was accountable.

To be completely honest, I didn’t really care about the 20 percent. However, it’s significant enough that your team members will be motivated to execute.

Checks and Balances

When the file would close, my assistant would have to sign off that my buyers agent completed the 35 items. But here’s the deal. Jennifer got $100 bonus on every closing IF my buyers agent actually completed the items of service.

If you want to be able to step back and watch your team grow and run like a machine, you have to set those checks and balances in place. If you don’t, you’re going to be micro-managing. You don’t want to micro-manage. You want to empower your team to do the best they can. It’s all about putting systems and processes in place so that they can’t fail. Or if they do fail, it kinda hurts. It doesn’t paralyze them, it just makes them aware that they have to be better.

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