How To Encourage Your Seller To Be Reasonable

My seller is angry with me because we’ve had a lot of showings but no offers. How should I respond?

If you’re getting a lot of showings then you are doing your job! Nice work! But if you aren’t getting offers, then your seller might start to get a annoyed or frustrated.

You can chalk it up to one of two things — either the condition of the property or the price.

It’s not you. You are bringing people in. But if the condition of the property is subpar or the home is priced high (either for the area or for it’s condition) then you need to get real with your sellers.

First and foremost you should be setting expectations during your listing presentation. If you’ve done that then you need to have a real conversation with your sellers.

You need to kindly make it clear that you are not responsible for buyers not making offers. Especially if you’ve good staged the home, taken professional photos and been thorough in your marketing. It’s important that you emphasize to your sellers that “the market” is showing that there is a problem with the property.

Hit up some of the buyer’s agents and ask them for feedback, then forward that to your sellers. This way the insight is coming from an outside party. Just like you didn’t want to listen to your parents advice, sellers sometimes don’t want to listen to their agent’s advice. They often think they know what’s best. Hearing the same advice from an outside party may be the reality check they need.

At this point, you need to motivate your sellers to make some adjustments to the property. I would use this problem to your advantage to help get this home sold!