[FREE DOWNLOAD] Win Every Week With the ‘Best Week Ever’ Prospecting Checklist

The Best Week Ever is a simple checklist that I used each week to make sure I stayed focused on my goals. Back in the day, my checklist was just a spreadsheet, but I wanted to make something for you that was more legit.

The power of the Best Week Ever lies in actually executing. What I mean is you have to print it out and be diligent about accomplishing each task every single day. None of it is actually difficult. In fact, you are probably doing a lot of the items on this checklist already… you just aren’t being consistent.

There are probably days when you come home and think, “Today was so busy!” Realtors are constantly putting out fires, from leaky roofs to confirming inspection contingencies to meeting a buyer at a new property. But when you think about what you did and compare those things to what’s on this list, you might realize that while you were “busy,” you really didn’t accomplish any actual revenue-producing items.

And when I say ‘revenue-producing items,’ what I mean is items, tasks, or activities that will bring in commission checks. In short, ‘revenue-producing items’ is just a fancy term for prospecting. And you all better know about prospecting because it’s the single most important part of being a successful agent. Putting out fires is the bare minimum. That’s what you do to survive. Prospecting is what’s going to move the needle. It’s what’s going to get you to the next level, aka get more deals and make more money.

Consider “The Best Week Ever” your (flat and inanimate) accountability partner. You have to check in with it every day and verify that you have completed each item. At the end of the day, if you haven’t written five personal notes, you better bust them out. If you haven’t called ten people in your sphere, start dialing. You should feel guilty if you don’t check off each box.

Yes, it’s a lot. And yes, you’re going to feel really busy, but this is how you win. Focus on winning each day so that when you win enough days, you’ll have won the week.

Go celebrate when you’ve filled in the form. But if it’s not completely filled out, review your week and think about where you can find a little more time (i.e., stop mindlessly scrolling through Facebook!) to accomplish every item.

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