Do Billboards Actually Have Marketing Value?

I was sitting at a red light when something caught my attention: a homeless man was dancing like there’s no tomorrow. I was actually more surprised when I saw what was next to the dancing man…

Bench Ad

Yep, that’s right; this bench was more shocking to me than the dancing dude.

I couldn’t believe Realtors were still doing this! Why do bench ads still exist? I wanted to find out, so I called Bill. No answer.
I called him again an hour later. Still no answer.

Hey Bill! I hope you’re reading this because you just lost a potential client!

Even worse, I could tell by his voicemail message that I was calling a cell phone. This tells me he isn’t tracking his leads. Bill has no idea where I was calling from… a referral, a flyer, a business card he left in Starbucks or his silly bench ad.

How are agents justifying this cost of bench ads and billboards? Sure, maybe one close covers the cost of the ad for an entire year, but no money is worth spending if you cannot easily calculate your ROI. Should you be spending that money elsewhere? YES.

You should be doing Ty’s 35 instead. Invest in the clients you have and start working by referral. Referrals send you qualified, warm leads. Bus ads send you crazy ex-Realtors, referred by a homeless man.

Here’s my question to you? Can you prove me wrong? Show me how a bench ad, bench ad or billboard HAS worked for you.

In the meantime, I’m going to call you if I see your name on a bench ad. You’ve been warned!