How To Develop Rapport and Build Relationships

As you probably are aware, I’m a huge advocate for real estate agents building rapport with local vendors. Recently someone asked:

How am I expected to build rapport with a vendor network if I’m just starting out. I can’t promise them the level of sales that you did?”

First of all, building rapport has nothing to do with what you bring to the table in terms of financial benefit. Before I even had my footing as an agent, I was creating relationships with vendors. The relationships that I cultivated with various vendors was a direct result of my genuine interest in their businesses.

The connections you develop with vendors has to do with being relatable and understanding their business from beneath the surface so that you can mutually benefit each other.

Nobody is expecting the world on a whim, but vendors DO want to see your potential. Outline your plans and ambitions and let vendors know how they might fit into the success you see for yourself.

Lastly, it is crucial to set goals for yourself so you have some form of measurement. While building relationships, tell your vendors what level you’re at, and where you plan to be. Realtors are negotiators! See what kind of benefits you can get from them if you can guarantee a certain amount of business for them. As your business grows, so will theirs!