What to do When Your Client Cheats On You

Do you ever experience a lack of loyalty (aka cheating) with people who you thought were good clients. How did you deal with it?

It sucks to find out a past client is working with someone else. Luckily, I cannot speak about this from experience. I never had a cheating client but I bet I know why yours did.

Disclaimer: This next part is going to be harsh but if you can get past it, I’ll delve into some tactics that you can implement to ensure that your clients never look elsewhere.

Ready? Deep breath…. You suck.

There are a few reasons that your client will look elsewhere for their real estate needs; either they have forgotten about you, they think you are too busy or you did a bad job.

So here’s my advice on how to stop sucking and start being awesome.

Be Visible

Stay on the front of their mind. Do your clients know your name? They probably don’t because you don’t reach out often enough. You have to stay in contact with your clients before, during and (keyword) AFTER the transaction. Don’t let them forget about you, even if it’s been five years since they closed on their home.

Be Consistent

Do you have a system in place to help you routinely deliver value to your clients? You have to have a routine. Don’t send your client a note every couple of years when you decide you need to reach out to your sphere. You should be reaching out at least once a quarter whether it’s a personal note, a pop-by, or an update on the market.

Be Proactive

Before you client reaches out to you, reach out to them. Every time you connect with them, remind them that you are their Realtor. You want their business (and their friends, coworkers, neighbors and cousins). You are definitely not too busy; business is great and you are the best Realtor out there. Assure them that if they have questions, need advice or are looking for a reputable electrician/plumber/painter, you are there for them.

Don’t cut corners. Don’t skip steps and don’t take your clients for granted.

Check out how I built a hugely successful business by being visible, consistent and proactive.

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