Closing Gifts Are Lame

When the end of a real estate deal nears it seems customary for an agent to give their clients closing gifts. Many of you have asked, “what type of gifts did you give to your clients?” Simply put, I never gave any. It was not a matter of being cheap or ungrateful, but the action of buying your client an inanimate object to remember you by seemed senseless. Their closing gift was working with me and getting the exceptional customer experience that I provided.

Instead of a gift, I used my Ty’s 35 action items to get the deal done. People didn’t hire me with the thought of possibly getting a set of kitchen knives, or a houseplant, at the end of the transaction. They hired me to help buy or sell their home. REMEMBER: The effort you make, and results you deliver, will leave more of an impact than a simple closing gift ever will.