What to Do When Your Top Vendor Refers Your Competitor

When your vendor refers someone to your competitor you definitely need to have a conversation and ask your vendor what happened.


Here are a few things to consider…

Maybe your vendor doesn’t see the value you provide or they don’t respect you. Perhaps they don’t see you as the best negotiator. Or they don’t think you could handle their sister. What if you aren’t their number one referrer. Does your competitor give them double the referrals?

Whatever your vendor’s line of work, be it painter, plumber or landscaper, they can’t be the only one in your area. You always have the option of letting your vendor go and finding a new one.

However, it’s also really important to provide a ton value to your vendors. You should be helping them grow their business and helping them network. Do good for them so they do good for you.

You have got to turn this question around and ask it of your vendor. It’s an honest question that deserves an honest answer. And hopefully, that answer will help you become a better Realtor.

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