The Best Way to Deliver Bad News To A Client

When you are a real estate agent certain situations will occur that will be unpleasant.  Delivering bad news to a client is one of those occurrences and unfortunately it comes with the territory in this industry.  How and when you inform your client about setbacks makes a huge difference in being a good agent and an undesirable one.  The bottom line is that when you become an agent, you make the choice to be a professional of the industry and you should be expected to act accordingly. Delaying and withholding information is not going to do you or your client any favors in the long run.

Think about a doctor. Would a doctor withhold an unpleasant diagnosis? No! Although it might be hard new to deliver, it’s their job!

A true real estate professional should know how to appropriately deliver bad news, handle it effectively, and be ready to move on in the buying or selling process.

Liked or Respected

However, if you choose not to deliver bad news, it makes you look even worse. Why wouldn’t you just be upfront and honest with your client? I promise they will respect you more if you tell them the truth. Don’t be afraid that your client won’t like you. Trust me, it’s way worse if they don’t respect you.

Real talk: I have never met a deal that didn’t have some sort of bad news. There’s always a leak that needs fixing or a fence that’s falling down. That’s ok! We are problem solvers. It’s our job to help fix the issue and move on. That’s what we get paid the big bucks for!