4 Steps to Avoid Getting Stuck in the Details

I was 20 when I went to my very first seminar, Buffini’s Turning Point Retreat. I got so much out of it. From that point forward I started to go every seminar. I was a sponge for information and I was diligent about applying what I learned to my business.

The funny thing is, I saw a lot of the same people at these various events. And when I talked to them they would always mention the struggles they were having. It was crazy because my business was increasing while theirs seemed to be plateauing.

I couldn’t figure it out. They were seeking out all this knowledge but they weren’t applying it. For them, going to these seminars was completely ineffective.

And here’s what I discovered: Realtors get stuck in the details.

You want to do everything perfect. And in trying to figure out all of the logistics you are drowning in the details.

I get asked all the time where I found the oversized bows to wrap doors or how I made coupon books.

  • First of all, you guys… GOOGLE.
  • Second of all, don’t be burdened by the notion that you have to do it exactly the same way as me.

You can put a regular gift bow on the door with a little note that says “Welcome Home” and it would have the SAME value to your client.

The details will pull you down. They are quicksand, rendering you unable to execute because you are literally paralyzed in the minutiae. Furthermore, you will end up running your business into the ground.

The 4 Ways to Avoid Quicksand Syndrome:

  1. Think about the takeaways that you get from me, a seminar, your brokerage, a colleague
  2. Write them down
  3. Write down at least 1 action step you need to take
  4. Give yourself a deadline for when you are going execute. It can be next week, next month, the end of the year, whatever.


  • Takeaway: Handwritten notes make people feel appreciated
  • Action 1: Order 20 boxes of assorted greeting cards
  • Action 2: Write 20 notes a week
  • Deadline: Start this week

Now all you have to do is make ? it ? happen ? (even if you fail… and, trust me, you will fail).

Post Script On Failure

You’ve heard the marigolds for Mother’s Day story, right? While I didn’t get stuck in any details (because I actually executed), I consider it to be a failure.

However, I chose to see the silver lining–I got outside of my comfort zone and I became so much more confident. Next time I had to talk to strangers, I made it a point to mention I was a Realtor.

The big takeaway on my failure: Nothing will ever be as bad as delivering flowers to random houses in 95° heat…oh, and farming sucks!