What Digital Marketing Platforms Are The Most Important?

If you want to be relevant, then you need to be online. Obviously you have options but does one outweigh the other? Do you start a blog? Do you build a website? It’s hard to know which one is going give you the best results and you don’t want to invest time in one, just to find out that you should have gone in the other direction.


Blogging is pretty simple. It’s easy to set up. There are tons of platforms from WordPress to Blogger. All you have to do is write about relevant topics on a consistent basis. The idea is to grow an audience and overtime be considered a thought leader/trend setter/person in the know.

The Blog Caveat

So you go out, you get a blog, and you’re super excited about your first post. Hello WORLD! And after three posts (I’m being generous here), you realize that you don’t have time to blog. And then your blog ends up lost in the nebulous of the internet, collecting cobwebs. If someone happens to stumble across your blog, they will see your last post was from 2013 and they will quickly move on. What a waste. It’s better to not have anything, than to have a relic of a blog wasting away on the web.

Make Your Blog Work

But if you can carve out the time to be consistent, a blog can be incredibly advantageous. If I was a Realtor and I was going to start a blog, I would be writing about everything that is relevant and happening in my city–from new restaurants to cool events. I want to be seen as the local expert. The more you write, the more likely your content is going to show up in search engines and get discovered. This is marketing 101, folks. But you have to actually follow through. Otherwise it’s just a waste of time and your blog becomes an outdated relic.

It’s 2016. Why Don’t You Have A Website?!

I know some of you will not see the value in a website. You have Facebook. What do you need a website for? Because a website is the hub of your online presence. It’s branded to you. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you have to adhere to their style, their rules and their algorithms. Social media sites should be supplements to your website. If you don’t have a website, you are doing yourself a huge disservice.

Mobile Apps

Clients chose you because they can relate to you, they trust you, you’re a great negotiator, you’re a killer executor, etc. If you are a phenomenal Realtor, a client isn’t going to pass you by because you don’t have an app. An app doesn’t provide your client with magic homes. Yes, an app is an additional tool that you can offer but I certainly wouldn’t prioritize it.

In Short…

Get a website.
Commit to a blog.
Skip the app.