Do Consumers Care What Brokerage You’re With?

Here’s some #realtalk for you: Nobody is going to use you because of the brokerage you are associated with. Sorry, brokers.

Your Brokerage Does Not Define You

You can switch brokerages a dozen times and chances are, your clients won’t care. Clients are going to use you and refer you because of who you are, your negotiating skills, how much time and energy you put into their transaction and their relationship with them. Your broker does not define you.

I started with Prudential California, switched to Keller Williams and finally ended with Smith Premier Properties. All my clients knew was Tyler Smith, rockstar Realtor because the value I provided never changed.

The Value of a Broker

Don’t get me wrong, a brokerage’s name carries value. Your brokerage gives you the tools, training, and flexibility you need to provide the best service possible for your client. But as a Realtor, whatever firm you are with is far more valuable to you than to a consumer.

Whether you are with a nationally recognized brokerage or a small boutique firm, the service that you provide to your clients shouldn’t fluctuate. You are the five-star hotel. Your brokerage is the mint on the pillow.

Be a Full-Service Realtor

As a full-service Realtor, you go above and beyond to make sure the home buying or selling experience is top-notch. Being a five-star hotel means everything you provide—your skills, your attention to detail, your brokerage, your friendly personality—is what the consumer cares about.

Sure, once in awhile you’ll get a random client who uses your brokerage because they have heard good things. Don’t prove them wrong! It’s your opportunity to get them the best deal and wow them with your awesome level of service.