What Type Of Farming Is Most Effective?

Recently I was asked what type of neighborhood farming I did as an agent. And if I thought personalized notes to the “farm” were more effective than printed fliers.

First of all, a real estate “farm” doesn’t have anything to do with putting on overalls, hopping on a tractor, and tilling the ground. Instead, it refers to planting seeds of business within a specific neighborhood or region and waiting for those seeds to grow.

Personally, I never thought farming was an efficient use of my time and resources. I found myself to be much more effective when dealing with people who already loved working with me. Therefore, I cultivated my business through referrals. That being said, farming can be a great success for some agents.

Regarding the question if personalized notes were better than printed fliers for distribution in a farm? My personal opinion would be: ABSOLUTELY NOT. While I talk a lot about the power of the handwritten note. But that’s for your database not random strangers in your “farm.”

It’s a simple matter of time-management. A handwritten note from an unfamiliar Realtor is going to go right in the trash. And you are wasting precious time trying to be thoughtful. You don’t even have anything personal to say to people you don’t know.

Hi Neighbor, I love the edging on your lawn. If you want to sell your home, I’m the best Realtor for the job! 

Don’t be a weirdo. The return on your investment is not worth it. Make a flyer, print it out and drop it in mail boxes. Save the handwritten notes for your actual clients and warm leads.

No matter how you drum up business, the it’s important not to waste time doing things that don’t work or are unnecessary.