How To Take Advantage of Technology and Embrace Change

It’s time to embrace change! If I was getting back into real estate today, it would be game over for a lot of you Realtors. I would take your business. I’m not trying to be combative (ok, maybe a little bit) but I was a machine. I was a machine and I didn’t have any of the technology that is available today. I had Twitter and a flip phone. And I crushed it.

I was slinging homes left and right, helping buyers and sellers, and building up a big business all without all the technology we currently have (and will continue to have).

Think about all the marketing opportunities that are at our fingertips: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, campaigns, ads, etc. If I were back in real estate, I would be leveraging these social media outlets and putting my business (that was already on steroids) on steroids!

giant file from 2009It’s clear that in just a handful of years, the market has changed. What does that mean for Realtors? It means we have to adapt. Check out one of my files from 2009.  These should be obsolete! Trust me, I know some of you are still using this archaic method and that’s fine. But for the majority of you, those files are digital and they live in the cloud. Think about it, 2009 was only 6 years ago!

When it comes to technology, the market is shifting at a very fast pace, especially when it comes to real estate. And you need to focus on how you can take advantage of it. If you don’t leverage technology, you will sink. You will get lost if you don’t start adopting technology and using it consistently.

Become A Practitioner of Tech

Look at all the different mediums that are out there and start to use them. And I don’t just mean use them one time and don’t use them in addition to prospecting. You still have to prospect. You still have to generate leads and referrals. Adopting social media and technology doesn’t give you permission to stop working the tried and true methods of real estate.

The majority of you have a long-term business plan. You want to grow your business and you can only do that if you embrace change.

Super Simple Tech Challenge

  1. Find a technology platform that you aren’t currently leveraging
  2. Use it, consistently, for 30 days

Learn it! Interact with whatever you chose for 30 days. Whether it’s watching a training video or exploring the platform. But the majority of the time you should be executing. Once you have spent 30 days being a practitioner, then you can make an opinion.

For the Haters: It’s Time to Embrace Change

I know what you naysayers think, “Technology won’t replace the relationship.” And you know what? You’re absolutely right. But it will help you advance and cultivate that relationship. You should still be getting belly to belly. Let technology help you stay in front of them

What’s the worst that could happen? Your audience, your network, your sphere is going to see you. And do you think they will be annoyed? NO. They won’t. If anything they will be amused and intrigued.

You have nothing to lose by embracing technology.