3 Ways to Generate More Leads this February

Hate to break it to you but January is over! The year is no longer new. We are officially in the thick of 2016 and you have 11 months left to EXECUTE! While February may be the shortest month of the year, it’s packed with tons of fun reasons to get out and connect with your clients. I don’t want to hear excuses! It’s time to hustle!

Referrals are the bread and butter of a successful real estate practice. You have to get belly to belly with your sphere of influence if you want them to refer you. Here are three occasions that are perfect for generating leads this February.


Score a touchdown with game day snacks! Personally, I like snack mix. It doesn’t require any cooking, you can get a big container of it and it’s affordable. Deliver snack mix to your favorite football loving client. You don’t have to stay and watch the game with them but you might want to place a bet in their Super Bowl squares pool!


Show your friends, family and colleagues some LOVE for Valentine’s day. Go to the dollar section of your favorite store. Pick up some mugs or baskets or jars and fill them with Hershey kisses, Dove chocolates or conversation hearts. Knock, knock! Special delivery!


Put on a bow tie or some sequins and deliver everyone’s favorite movie snack, popcorn. Have you been down the snack aisle lately? There are so many different types of popcorn! Personally, I’m a fan of the classic microwave popcorn but there are also tons of fancy flavors like sweet and salty, Sriracha and buffalo cheddar. The award goes to…YOU for being an awesome Realtor!

I recommend you take a look at your sphere of influence, divide your clients and vendors up by who you think would appreciate each occasion and drop by based on that. You don’t have to hit all of your clients for EVERY holiday or event. For instance, if you know that you have a client who is a huge football fan, you don’t have to bring them a mug full of candy for Valentine’s Day. Hit them with the snack mix for the Super Bowl!

Your people want to see you and they want to give you referrals so kick some butt this February and share what you’re doing in the comments!

PS: Have you hit up your local Girl Scout troop yet? Check out the awesome feedback I got from people who took my advice and delivered cookies to their clients!