How Do We Fix The Real Estate Industry?

When I asked “What’s missing in real estate?” so many of you said tougher standards, harder tests, etc. I hear you. You’re fed up with the agent on the other side not doing their due diligence, not taking their job seriously and making your life harder. I think we can fix the industry but I need your help.

When I was a Realtor, I had the philosophy that I could only control my side. You can try to manage the other side but you can’t force an agent to call you back. You can’t make them meet deadlines. There are only so many tactics and follow through that you can do.

I want to talk about how to fix this industry. How do we ensure that the bad agents fall away and the good agents rise to the top? Do we need:

  • Continuing education?
  • Harder certifications and tests?
  • A more thorough licensing process?


Don’t just tell me, “Make it harder.” I want details. I want to know how to fix it so I can help. Leave your comments below!