Why You Need to Treat Your Friend-Turned-Client Like a VIP

Working with friends can be tricky. A lot of Realtors take on business from family and friends but they don’t treat them like VIP clients. They are often casual and careless because they think they don’t have to impress a friend. Unfortunately, it’s that type of behavior that gives Realtors a really bad rep. When you don’t delight and impress your friends-as-clients the best case is they won’t be a repeat client or refer you. Worst case? You’ll lose a friendship.

If a good friend tells you she is interviewing Realtors and wants to talk to you about listing her house—you better bring your A-Game!

I’m going to assume that your friend is wanting to include you as one of the Realtors that she’s interviewing and she’s not just asking for some referrals. And since she’s asking your advice, you should definitely assume that you are in the running.

The first thing you want to do is be gracious. Thank your friend for trusting you so much that they would want to list their home with you.

The second step is to WOW them. You now have the opportunity to knock their socks off. Don’t take the business for granted. Realtors often lose when they take on a friend or family member as a client. You want to give your friend the VIP treatment.

Go into the listing presentation, as prepared and knowledgeable (if not more so) as you would be for a stranger. Over-prepare, practice, and prove that you are going to take great care of them. In fact, you should probably take even better care of your

My mom wanted me to list her home and I still did a listing presentation for her. I even did all of Ty’s 35 items.

You might have a friendship but you should also take great care of your loved ones. Make sure that you show them that you are an incredible Realtor and can handle their deal like a true professional.

Wanna know why your friends aren’t using you as their Realtor?