How to Get Referrals with Girl Scout Cookies

My little cousin, who’s a Brownie, just hit me up for Girl Scout Cookies. So what did I do? I bought 60 boxes! That’s right, SIXTY BOXES! Needless to say, my cousin was stoked and I’m supporting a great organization.

As much as I would love to eat every single delicious box of coveted Girl Scout cookies, this little anecdote has another motive. I’m going to attempt to show some self-restraint and deliver all these cookies to my clients.

A box of Girl Scout cookies is a perfect, seasonally relevant and delicious gift for your clients. All you have to do is write a note for each box. For instance, you could say something catchy like, “Don’t get scouted by another agent!” This is a great remind your clients that you are there for them AND their friends and family who want to buy or sell real estate.

And you can even buy a couple of boxes for yourself as a reward for your awesome hustle.

Don’t have a cool cousin who is a girl scout? I recommend reaching out to your network of clients and vendors! One of them is sure to have a Girl Scout in their life who would love your support. As a last resort, local Girl Scouts troops are always posted up in front of the grocery store armed with cases of Tagalongs, Thin Mints, Trefoils and Samoas. Pick up a couple of cases and earn “The Best Realtor” badge.

So let’s recap the Win-Win-Win of Girl Scout Cookies:

  1. A relevant and delicious gift for your clients (WIN!)
  2. Supporting Girl Scouts (WIN!)
  3. Cookies are delicious (WIN!)

This is a phe-nom-nom-nom-enal way to reach your clients! Make it happen!