What I Would Change About the Real Estate Industry

From my life as a top-producing agent, I frequently get asked “what would you change about the real estate industry?”. The simple answer: a lot.

However, more than anything else, I think the physical process of becoming an agent should be more rigorous. With the way things are now, almost anybody can get their real estate license. It has created a plethora of under-performing agents that drag all the awesome agents down with them. And they are making a bad name for the good agents.

When I first started out, the real estate industry was somewhat glamorous and respected, but that is no longer the case. I think in order to rebuild the reputation real estate needs to have a more strenuous credential process. Becoming an agent is too easy. With where technology is, we need to be evolving

Additionally, there needs to be continuing education courses. Realtors need to be focusing on improving customer service, accountability, and productivity.

I think broker-owners could use some support. They have a high number of agents but only 40% of those agents are actually producing. Brokers need to learn to let agents go or provide better support to their agents and help them improve.

I speak one language and it’s real estate.

Far too many agents won’t even close a transaction in a given year. Just as with anything else, being a good real estate agent takes constant doing and practice. If the process was harder to be an agent in the first place, many more agents would actually take the effort to become the representatives of the industry that they should be.