3 Ways to Realtors Can Boost Their Social Media Presence with Instagram

Instagram is a fantastic tool for Realtors. Here are three ways that you can use Instagram to help boost your social media presence and get followers attention.

Good (Bad and Ugly) Posts

The most obvious way to use IG is to post relevant images or videos. IG is a great way to show beautiful images and highlight specific properties—both of which tend to get a lot of engagement (people LOVE looking at homes).

But don’t be afraid to post the bad and the ugly images as well.You can show something that went wrong (a fence fell down, the sewer needed replacing) and how you fixed it or negotiated it. Or show gross mold or cockroaches and how you handled the situation. Then leave a CTA (call to action)—Hey, if you know of anyone who’s gone through this, let me know. I can help!”

Stay in Front with Stories

Stories are snippets or images that disappear after 24 hours (like Snapchat). Stories are great attention grabbers—which is exactly what you want to do as a Realtor. The more often you post, the more your story is at the front of your audience’s feed. Post great content (not good, not decent… GREAT content), and you’ll capture your audience’s attention. The more often you post, the more your story is at the front of the feed. But again, don’t post crap content. Post interesting stuff that captures people’s attention. Stories are a great way to stand out in all the noise.

Research the #Hashtags

You don’t have to hashtag your own photos but you can use them to search. Start searching real estate hashtags and find what’s being used by consumers. It’s a great way to see what consumers are talking about. You might find someone who is a potential lead. You can also get some good inspiration as to what other Realtors are posting and the traffic they receive.

If you on waiting for an appointment or you just need a little brain break, jump on Instagram and post a story or do some research.