What Tools Do You Need to Get the Listing?

There is no denying that being in real estate is highly competitive. When agents are competing for a listing, they often ask, “What tools should I bring to an appointment to help land the deal?

When I first started out in real estate I brought my ‘toolbox’ with me to most appointments. I thought this “toolbox” (aka my briefcase) would help convince clients of my competency. I had it packed with brochures and presentations. Every time a client gave me an objection, I would use one of my tools. I didn’t have a lot of credibility so I needed to use these items as crutches.

Yet, I soon realized that the most effective tool was something I didn’t need a briefcase for.

The best tool was being myself. I didn’t need elaborate spreadsheets or graphic pamphlets to show what I could do as an agent. I let my credibility speak for itself and let my clients know that I could deliver and I could get the deal done.

For agents just establishing their credibility, make sure to show your clients your items of service and articulate your value. Go over a detailed item list and sign-off on each thing that you will provide. More than anything, the most convincing thing in a presentation will be YOU, so avoid the gimmicks and prove you can deliver.