Why Loyalty Is the Most Powerful Business Tool

What are you doing to increase client loyalty? You should be exceeding expectations.

There have been two recent instances in which my expectations have been totally exceeded.

The first was on a trip I took to Belize and had the most phenomenal experience. From the food, to the accommodations to the service, I was completely blown away.

Walking, Talking Billboards

And it’s surprising to me because I have really high expectations. When my expectations are met I’m pleased. The company or product is good. I’ll probably use it again. I’m satisfied. But when a company exceeds my expectations, my loyalty grows!

If I go to a restaurant and the service is killer and the food is on point, you better believe I’m blasting it to everyone. I basically become a walking talking billboard. It drives people crazy because I’m relentlessly bugging them about it.

Honestly, people probably think I get paid to endorse products or companies. But I promise, no one is paying me to push the things I love. I just want to share my amazing experience. You know me, I’m a giver! ?

The second instance of mind-blowing expectations was when I went to Quick Loans in Detroit. I didn’t know a lot about them but I toured their headquarters and I went to their “ISMs” class. And I gotta be honest, if I was getting a mortgage tomorrow, I would probably use Quicken Loans.

I know what you’re thinking! I’m constantly telling you to build rapport with your lender to help build and grow your referral business. And here I am referring a lender that can’t reciprocate. It’s never going to be a mutually beneficial relationship. There’s truly no benefit, business-wise, for me to refer them other than the simple fact that they are awesome.

Client Loyalty is the Best Business Strategy

This made me think about what Realtors are doing to meet and exceed client’s expectation. When you go above and beyond, when you impress people, they talk. They tell their friends about you. And that’s the beauty of focusing on growing a referral based business. Client loyalty is your best business strategy. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to be exceptional. You don’t have to buy leads. You just have to be so good that people can’t help but talk about it.

I know that it’s easy to drift. It’s easy to get complacent. So I’m going to be that little bug in your ear telling you to stay focused. You’re watching my videos and reading my blog to improve your business. And I know that it’s working because you leave comments telling me that you implemented an idea and you’re seeing results.

Take advantage of the items you have and apply them to your business. And forget meeting expectations. That’s bullsh!t. Exceed your client’s expectations. Use the advice I give you, put your own spin on it, deliver it to your clients and be consistent. The formula is almost too simple. You just have to do it. I’m telling you, your clients will love it, they will tell their friends and your business will grow.