How to Get Into the Luxury Real Estate Market

While working as a real estate agent you will come across homes of every size, shape, and price point. Obviously in a perfect world, landing luxury, million-dollar deals would be easy, but that is not reality. Agents that are looking to pursue these trophy properties often ask me, “If I’m trying to break into the luxury market, what do I need to know?

In my experience, the best way to go about securing high-end buyers and listings is to create an exceptional vendor network. How do you do this? Repeating my often-used suggestion:


Your vendors, in many ways, are the lifeblood of your business. Based on your dealings with them, they can use their reach and influence to help bring in more clients through referrals; some of which will have more money than others. Some with LOTS of money.

With all of that said, I never focused on just bringing in the big fish. You want to keep yourself diversified and not pigeon-hole yourself into one type of property. I sold everything from condos to castles, mansions, and mobile homes and you should be doing the same thing. A deal is a deal, so make it happen!