The Most Obvious Way to Market a new Brokerage

I just started my own brokerage. What are some inexpensive ways that I can market my new business?

How were you marketing yourself? It shouldn’t matter what company you are with, be it a nationally recognized brokerage or a small mom and pop shop. People will use you because of YOU and the amazing, awesome service that you provide. That shouldn’t change when you open your own office.

There is a caveat. Big brokerages do have the advantage of having name recognition. However, people aren’t doing business with you because of the brokerage you’re affiliated with. People are doing business with you because of your skillset. And they will likely continue to do business with you as long as your service remains top-notch!

When you start your own company, you have to change your mindset. You’re still selling homes but you’re also having to recruit. That’s a lot on your plate. It’s not easy to do both. My advice to you is to have your listing and buyer’s agent focus on active clients who are buying and selling. You should be out there generating business and recruiting agents.

Honestly, you shouldn’t have to market yourself as a new brokerage. All you need is your name and your skills. You need to continue hustling, just like you did when you were an agent. You need to continue to market yourself as the expert Realtor you are.

No matter where you work, continue to be the same awesome agent you’ve always been. Clients will use you for you!