How to Market to Buyers After the Close

I did a video called Wrapping up the Deal for one of my Ty’s 35 items. I put a bow on the door for every closing, regardless of whether I represented the buyers or the sellers. Several people asked if it was ethical, as the listing agent, to put a bow on the door for the buyer (that I didn’t represent).

My response?

Absolutely. You closed the deal. Most agents don’t keep in contact with their clients but YOU should! Why wouldn’t you keep in contact with the buyer? If the sale is complete, feel free to drop-in or send them an item value on a quarterly basis. That’s called being proactive.

However, if they tell you to leave them alone, then you should respect that. But if you are dripping your service to everyone in your sphere, why wouldn’t you include them as well? It’s just a part of being a proactive agent and add to your database.

Consider this:

A year down the road, when the buyer is thinking of buying or selling, who will they remember? YOU!

Use the bow on the door as a stepping stone and then continue to deliver items of value.

Snap me a pic of your doors!!