How to Choose the Best Marketing Tactics for Your Business

How do I chill out and realize I’m not able to do everything when it comes to marketing tactics?

Limit Your Marketing Tactics

In the video above, I reference a tool I created, specifically for agents, called the one-page business plan. The tool has three sections: Finance, Operations, and Marketing. In the marketing section, I specifically note that you should have no more than five to seven marketing pillars.

Having to limit your marketing tactics is good for you. There are literally infinite marketing possibilities, from farming to boosting Facebook posts to hosting meetups (I could literally fill this post with various marketing tactics). It’s easy to get lost in the plethora of options. You’re looking for the quick fix or you don’t want to miss out on what works for someone else. You have to have a clear focus.

If you try to execute more than seven marketing tactics, you’re going to be disappointed. No one has the bandwidth to juggle more than seven. You will drop the ball and all of your marketing will end up suffering because you are spreading yourself too thin.

Marketing Challenge

  • Pick five marketing pillars
  • Focus on those five for three months
  • After three months adjust—add a few more or knock a few off and focus on the two or three that are giving you the best ROI
  • Repeat as necessary

Leave me a comment and let me know which five you picked!