How To Create a Million Dollar Real Estate Business

My process for creating content is fairly established. Usually, it goes something like this: I have a thought, I make a video, you ask questions, I make more videos. I have more thoughts, I write an article, you ask more questions, I make more videos and so on. However, one question comes up again and again. And I haven’t been able to answer it in a short, two-minute video or a concise blog post. The most asked question is…

“How did you become such a successful Realtor?”

The simple answer is: I cultivated relationships. And those relationships led to quality referrals (but you guys already know that). Additionally, once I established all these connections, I had to maintain them and nurture them. I didn’t want someone to refer me once; I wanted them to refer me again and again.

And that is where the “how” comes in. To maintain my network or sphere of influence, I didn’t have to work more hours or hire a huge team of people. Instead, I created a simple plan and put systems in place. Consequently, this allowed me to maximize my time and care for the people who cared about me.

In an effort to answer the “how,” I began the immense task of outlining and road-mapping my estate business. The end result? The most comprehensive online course designed specifically for real estate agents: How To Create a Million Dollar Real Estate Business.

This 23 lecture course focuses on:

  • Building an awesome and effective sphere of influence
  • Communication techniques for connecting with your sphere
  • Systems and routines to strengthen and maintain your sphere
  • Growing your sphere into a referral generating machine!

With tons of videos and supplemental materials, I’m giving you everything you need to build a phenomenal book of business. Whether you are a new realtor, you have a team or you are a seasoned veteran – this course is going to give you a plan of attack that you can put into action and see results.

You cannot pass this up! This is the best course out there.

Here’s the link where you can check it out: ====> Click here!

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