Beware of Nanny Cams, Keep Your Conversations Out of Earshot

Evolving technology like drones and nanny cams are incredibly convenient and useful. But they are not without negative consequences. We have to be aware of tech’s side-effects.

Last Christmas I bought my cousin the Nest camera. Not only does it transmit video to your mobile device, but you can hear everything within range. And on top of that, you can use your phone to talk through the camera.

It made me realize that agents and sellers would be able to listen in on conversations. Maybe it’s kind of smart if you’re negotiating and you want some leverage. I’m not going to get into the ethics of whether it’s right or wrong. I’m saying it can be done and can give sellers and their agents an advantage.

Although many of you are aware of where you converse, just make sure you are having your conversations outside of the house. You never know who’s listening and you want to make sure that you are representing your client to the best of your ability. You can’t do that if all your cards are on the table.

So the next time you are talking about the details of property, think about what information the agent on the other side would hear. Use that a trigger to move your conversations out of earshot.