How Realtors Should Celebrate National Taco Day

National Taco Day is October 4th, which happens to fall on a Sunday, which means you have no excuses to not get out into the community and “taco” about real estate!

For Your VIP Clients

Put together kits and drop them off with clients or vendors. You could include the basics like shells, beans, seasoning and tomato, or get a little crazy with onions, hot sauce, avocados, etc. Shouldn’t cost more than $10 a kit, but can be done as cheap as $3!

At an Open House

Looking for a cheaper alternative? Buy a bunch of seasoning packets or shaker bottles and attach a custom tag to it. Pass these out at open houses or while out door knocking. You’re sure to stand out from the rest of Realtors and all the other open houses! At my local store, seasoning went for $.50 to $1.

Get your free taco tags HERE. Use the blank space provided to add your contact info or a personal message.

Let me see these in action! Post your National Taco Day goodies below or on my Facebook page!

Free taco tags!