Can You Be Successful If You Focus on One Type of Client?

Oftentimes agents have preferences in what types of clients they like to work with or represent. Recently someone asked if they would focus on working with buyers and still build a successful business.

Honestly, I would have to address this question on a case-by-case basis. The biggest issue is, as an individual, what do you consider as “successful?”

Obviously, this differs for everybody. From my personal experience and the goals I held for myself, my short answer would be that you can’t be successful by just focusing on representing buyers.

While it is important to recognize your strengths as an agent and your desire to focus on buyers, it will eventually become too time-consuming.

That is why bringing other members into your team can have a dramatic effect on your overall success. Having a listing agent, or listing coordinator, that works on your behalf is a perfect way to delegate tasks.

Your listing coordinator should convey that they are an extension of you. You can coach them to use phrases like

“[Insert your name here] believes that you should do this….”

“[Insert your names here] is going to make sure the deal gets done.”

By doing this, you never neglect clients on either side of the real estate process.

Even though working exclusively with buyers may seem appealing, you have to decide what is in your best interest. You want a business (and a paycheck) that is satisfying and that you are proud of.