The Best Place For Realtors to Find Opportunity

My company, SkySlope, recently signed a lease for a new building. Shortly after, a broker called me to congratulate us on our big move. He asked me what our plans were with our current location since we still had three years left on our lease. Obviously, he had done some research and wanted to capitalize on our departure. But this interaction reminded me that opportunity is everywhere.

Of course, I’m on the ball. I already had another tenant lined up to take over the lease. But his proactivity impressed me

During our conversation, we discussed the influx of tech companies moving to Sacramento. The city has approved a 10 million dollar innovation and growth fund to help relocate companies from Silicon Valley and the Bay Area to Sacramento. Essentially, qualifying startups will get money to headquarter their operations here in Sacramento.

Hacking the System

And that’s when he capitalized on opportunity. He asked if I knew what companies were going to potentially be moving to Sacramento. Funny enough, I am on the board that chooses the companies. And coincidentally, we have chosen seven grant recipients. Right away he wanted to know how he could potentially be involved as a Realtor.

This is a perfect example of knowing your community, using your knowledge and expertise, and reaching out to potential leads. Had I not already found someone to take over my lease, the deal would have gone to him. But it was what happened after that was magic.

In making small talk or building rapport or shooting the shit or whatever you want to call it, he ended up with seven potential leads.

Now just to be clear, these are leads. They aren’t automatically clients. This broker definitely has his work cut out for him. But he can be certain that these companies are qualified and motivated.

Get Down to Business

I’m sure your city or region has a business journal. When you subscribe to the publication you get a new issue every week or month. A subscription will cost you less than a cup of coffee. Each issue will highlight the new businesses that are coming into town. Those new businesses are potential leads.

This is my challenge to you: Open your eyes and look around. Not only do you need to be aware of the opportunities that surround you, you also need to pursue them. You have to take advantage of these moments!

What other unique opportunities have you come across? Let me know in the comments.