A Different Perspective on How to Measure Success

There’s a saying, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” We look at others success and wonder why we aren’t as successful. But I challenge you to flip your perspective. Look at other’s success to see where you overlap and then focus on those things and keep grinding!


A broker-owner friend of mine has a team who’s doing 60 million in volume. Not bad, right? She recently connected this team with a team that she knew who was doing 100+ million in volume.

It was a great opportunity to benchmark processes, look at operations, and see what her team was missing. She was hoping that maybe her team would find a hidden nugget or secret sauce—something that they could bring back and implement in their local market.

But after sitting down with the team, and observing systems, they realized that there was no secret sauce. They were doing the same things that the other team was doing. In the end, the trip was incredibly beneficial because rather than discovering some secret to success, they found validation. 

They were doing all the right things and the trip solidified that they should keep doing exactly what they were doing.

Often times, we are looking for the fast track or the quick fix that’s going to double or triple business. And in that search, we completely neglect the real work. The real work is hard. It would be awesome if there was an alternative to hard work but, sadly, it just doesn’t exist. And trust me, I have searched high and low.

So the choice is yours, you can continue to spend time, energy, and attention looking for the secret sauce or you can flip your perspective. Take the effort you’re spending on quick-fixes and use it to prospect, nurture relationships, and build rapport.

If you need a system to help you focus and stay consistent on “real work,” check out my post on The Best Week Ever. Download the weekly checklist to help you stay focused on revenue-producing tasks.