Why It’s Important to Prequalify Your Buyers

If you are spending more than an hour looking at individual homes with your buyers, then you probably need to better understand what your buyer is looking for. Let me ask you this: Do you prequalify your buyers?

If the home suits your buyer’s needs and has all the amenities they are looking for, then you definitely want to give them the time they need to assess the property. You want to move the process along but you don’t want to be pushy. Give your buyers enough time to fall in love with the home. A few measurements might be neccessary if your buyers has huge furniture or appliances.

However, if you are constantly spending more than an hour in each house then you need to know what your buyer is looking for. You need to prequalify your buyer so you know specifically what items they are scrutinizing. Knowing what they want will save you tons of time.

Everything comes down to communication. You definitely want to explain to your buyers the home buying process. After an offer is accepted they can spend some more time looking under the hood. That’s what the inspection is for.

You are their awesome Realtor who is there to negotiate if something isn’t right.

Be the matchmaker!

If you don’t prequalify your buyers, check out my Pre-Buyer Questionnaire.