How and Why You Need to Promote Your Achievements

“I just won “Best Realtor” in my area. What’s the best way for me to publicize my achievements?”

Take it and run with it!

Any achievements you get, whether it’s top producer, up and comer, or best of, promote it! It doesn’t matter if it’s in your brokerage or if it’s regional, state, or national. This is your opportunity to show people that you’re kicking a$$.

If you get an award, put it in your email signature, note it on your website, and share it on Facebook. You can even add it to your buyers and listing presentations. Let people know that you’re a mover and shaker.

You want buyers and sellers to be like, “DANG! This Realtor is killing it! I knew I made the right decision!” Or, “This agent just won an award? I want to work with them and my sister should list her house with them and I should tell my coworker about them!”

Don’t Worry About the Haters

Don’t be the undercover Realtor and hide your successes because you feel like you should be humble. You aren’t bragging. You are sharing your achievement and you should be proud of yourself. People are so afraid of putting themselves out there in an honest (and sometimes vulnerable way) because we care so much about what other people might think.

If I let my insecurities get the better of me, I would have never made a video, let alone put it on Youtube and shared it with the world. And while I really do care about your opinion, I care more about helping people become better Realtors. I know that people are either going to love what I have to say or they are going unfriend/unlike me. But it’s easy to disregard the haters because I only want to help people who actually love what I do and want to crush their goals.

People need to know that you’re in the real estate game and even more, that you are successful because if you don’t promote your achievements then people will never know.

You should put it everywhere and you should be proud!