What to Do If You’re Too Tired for Prospecting

Recently a question was brought to me from a 30-year-old claiming they were too tired for prospecting and wondered what they should do. To me, this is INSANE for multiple reasons.

The primary objective of a real estate agent is to prospect for new business. If you aren’t prospecting while also managing your current transactions the your business will dry up when your deals close.

Also, if you’re “too tired” to prospect you must be spending an exorbitant amount of your time doing other shit. What are you doing? Managing transactions? Coordinating listings? Putting on lockboxes? Uhg!

You are in the lead generating and prospecting business. That’s what I told people when they asked what I did for a living. “I generate leads.”

Prospecting needs to happen no matter what! When you don’t prospect, you’re only as good as your last deal. Think about it. You get a deal and focus on that deal for 30 days. You get your check and THEN WHAT?

Generate so you don’t have to tolerate! Generate so much business that you don’t have to work with people you don’t like. Or you can refer them out so you have tons of business with people you love. But I was only able to do that because of my dedication to prospecting.

If you’re preoccupied with the other menial tasks, then you need some help. It’s time to hire an assistant, a transaction coordinator or a property runner. Otherwise, you have NO EXCUSES.

So, if you’re 30 and tired, slam an energy drink and get to work. Just sayin’…