Do You Give Clients a Gift or Reward Them for a Review?

Most people appreciate a good bottle of wine and I am no exception. However, is giving wine to clients a good incentive for them write a positive review or testimonial on your behalf?

While a little reward might be a nice gesture, I think this is totally unnecessary.

I am a big believer that any opinions of your service as a realtor should come organically.  When you offer gifts to clients in exchange for a review, the corresponding review is going to sound forced or inauthentic. Essentially you are paying somebody to say something nice about you.

Your clients are reviewing you because you did a great job. When you set that expectation, you might get a lot of reviews but you’ll also be doling out a lot of bottles of wine. Plus, how do you know if the review is authentic if you reward your client? I mean, send me your Yelp profile… I’ll review you for a bottle of wine!

Strive to deliver the best service possible to your clients, and once you do, the reviews will come naturally. When you do receive a glowing review, you have the option to show your appreciation through a handwritten thank you note, a phone call, or even a $5 gift card to a coffee shop; but baiting clients to write positive testimonials will only cheapen your brand as a whole.

Stick to the basics!