Should Real Estate Require More Agent Education?

The question of whether or not more education should be required of real estate agents seems to relate to a response I had regarding changes I would make in the industry. Basically, I feel it is way too easy to become an agent. When I first started out, I was a naive 19-year-old kid that didn’t know much, and yet I still was able to get my license without much effort. There is definitely something wrong with that.
Part of the problem is many agents seem to adopt a “free spirit” attitude where they don’t feel they need to concern themselves with continuing education. If a natural desire for betterment doesn’t exist, outside forces like the National Association of Realtors should make continuing education the rule and not an afterthought. Whether courses become required based on tiers of industry experience, or some other system, there needs be mandatory education courses in place. The world of real estate changes so frequently, it seems crazy not to have it.