How To Take A Vacation As A Realtor

As a solo agent, how do I go on vacation and ensure my clients are taken care of?

The best answer I can give you: FIND HELP.

There are a ton of agents in your off, that are single agents, just like you and they are going to go on vacation at some point. And guess what? They are going to need your help to look over their book of business.

Find another agent or even better, ask your broker! Not only will they be able to recommend another agent but they should also be willing to help you out. It’s in their best interest because if one of your transactions closes, they get paid as well.

Of course it depends on your needs. If you’ve got a ton of deals and you’re cranking out a ton of deals, it’s going to be tough to find someone to help you unless you pay them.

Paying another agent a fee to help you out, is going to be worth it. Think about it. You don’t want your clients to look elsewhere just because you are out of town for a week. It’s all about setting up systems in your office so that your business keeps moving even if you are gone.

Make sure that you are transparent and communicate with your clients. Set up a coffee date with your client and you colleague to introduce them. This way you client knows that they have someone to help them in your absence. You should explain that you will still be in the loop but your colleague will be handling any of the hands on stuff that may come up.

That said, GO ON VACATION! Number one, you deserve it. And number two, every time I went on vacation, inevitably, tons of business would come.