The Best Ways to Motivate Your Team

Some of you might be working as a one-man band, but many of you want to build a team. The hardest part about having a team is letting go all the details that you have gotten used to handling. You need to know how to delegate and motivate your team to work with and for you.

While I give mad props to the solo agents out there, I’m a big fan of the team model. All I wanted to do was prospect and get leads. I needed a team take those leads and turn them into clients by helping them buy and sell homes. Here are a few things I recommend doing if you want to motivate your team and operate a finely tuned machine.

Daily Stand Ups

I made morning “stand-up” sessions mandatory, five days a week. At our stand-ups, we would discuss the things we were working on and refocus the attention to where we currently were and where we wanted to be. It was incredibly effective for my team to help them stay focused but it also helped me know what exactly they were working on without having to micromanage them. A simple check-in can really motivate your team and keep them executing.

Share Your Favorite Videos

I know it might sound biased but I recommend sharing my videos with your team. Every video is available on Youtube. Use what I’ve learned to help your team grow. The 30 Day Challenge will also give your team 30 days of lead generating motivation! There are tons of great videos that can either motivate or inspire or teach your team things they didn’t know. Some of my favorite videos (other than my own, of course) are TedTalks.

Lead By Example

Lastly, lead by example and show your team what a hard worker you are. Everybody on my team knew I was the first person in the office and the last one to go home. I worked twice as long and I was doing producing items that were going to get me business tomorrow. When people give their utmost effort, it definitely can be contagious.

With these three things, you really have no excuses!

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