The Car You Drive Doesn’t Mean Squat

It’s crazy when I get asked “should real estate agents drive nice cars?”  NO!  It doesn’t matter!  There is this misconception that in order to be successful as an agent, you have to exude prestige and power.  When I started out I couldn’t afford a nice car, so I drove the car I had from high school.  It was loud and definitely seemed like a car a high-schooler would drive, yet it never dissuaded clients from using me as a realtor.  Clients didn’t care what I drove, they cared about whether or not I could deliver when it came to helping buy or sell a home.

Once I was able to get a little traction in the industry, I decided to upgrade and purchase a luxury car that I thought successful real estate agents should drive.  In reality, having a nicer car didn’t increase or decrease business at all.  Don’t get sucked into the vanity vortex, the type of car you drive doesn’t matter; but whether or not you can get results for your clients certainly does.