Should I Use Companies Like Loop & Tie to Save Time?

A lot of people are trying to automate their customer service or outsourcing to be more efficient. There are companies like Loop and Tie that send clients a selection of gifts that they can choose from. There are other companies that will handwrite and send notes for you.

I think this is crap. Why wouldn’t you prioritize writing a personal note? It probably takes the same amount of time and costs less to sit down and write your own notes.

Sure, sending someone a list of gifts they can choose from is a gesture but it’s so impersonal. It’s almost a slap in the face. You’ve spent time getting to know your client. You’ve helped them buy or sell their home but you can’t think of anything personal to get them? Instead, you send them a collection of gifts that they can choose from? What is personal about that? Honestly, I think it’s weird.

I never got closing gifts for my clients. My gift to my client was my constant, quality customer service. I gave every client the Ty’s 35. That was my gift and never once did a client complain that I didn’t give them a closing gift.

Save time by not playing Candy Crush. Save time by logging out of Facebook. Don’t automate the personal touches. Be an awesome agent. Execute on that.

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