The Next Best Thing to Hiring an Assistant

A lot of you think you don’t have the money to hire an assistant. I get it. But there is a really simple solution… Hire a transaction coordinator.

Let’s break down the financial benefits of a transaction coordinator

  1. The transaction coordinator gets paid at the end of the deal. In other words, you don’t give them a check until you get a check.
  2. Let’s say your average commission is $5000 and the range of a TC is anywhere from $190-$500, the cost is a drop in the bucket for the amount of time it will save. It’s less than 10 percent.

Be Free You From the Stuff You Suck At

If you are so good at the paperwork, then you probably are not the best Realtor. I hate to tell you that, but it’s true. Skilled Realtors love prospecting. They are striking up conversations with strangers and nurturing relationships with people who already know and love them. If you love paperwork and you are good at it, you are going to spend less time getting belly to belly with people who may want to buy and sell.

Guess what happens when you’ve completed all the paperwork for a transaction but you haven’t generated any leads? That’s right… you don’t have any of your beloved paperwork to complete.

Focus on what you do best—helping people buy and helping people sell. I like to call it “cashing checks.”

Delegate out everything else. Don’t let the little things be a distraction.

The only thing you should be focusing on is prospecting because when you prospect, you get paid.

Of course, you could always just hire an assistant.