How I Won Clients with the Ugliest Marketing Flyer

Ugly Marketing FlyerI was cleaning out some files recently and found an absolutely hideous flyer that I made back when I was an agent. That awful flyer, where my head is cut off and there are incomplete sentences got me a ton of business.  I can’t imagine I spent a lot of time making the flyer because it is so terrible. I didn’t even edit it! But when I was prospecting, I used it anyway!

My mindset has always been to get things done even if it’s not perfect. Send it to the printer and get it into the hands of potential clients.

Trying to make “it” perfect is the worst place to be.
What shouldn’t take you more than an hour or two, takes you the better part of your day.

You spend so much time making the best flyer or creating the best listing presentation. It’s like an athlete that spends so much time training and prepping that they miss the game!

When you spend all your time agonizing over the details, you are neglecting your number one priority—prospecting.

You can have the Bently of listing presentations but if you don’t have a buyer… it means nothing!

ugly marketing flyerI’ll give you a close up of my terrible flyer. I cut myself out of a photo with photoshop and lopped off part of my head. I had incomplete sentences and missing words. Clearly, I didn’t even edit this thing.

Obviously, I’m not suggesting you don’t edit for mistakes but this flyer, as terrible as it was, probably took me longer than it should have to make, it looks awful and it STILL got me business!

But here’s the catch: I got exclusive business from two builders and I used this flyer as an asset when I went to pitch them. Why? Because they didn’t really care about my flyer. They cared about me and my skills. I was the hotel. The flyer was a mint (and not even a very good one at that).

Don’t use your marketing as a crutch. You can’t just look awesome. You have to be awesome. Don’t just put your marketing out there without standing behind it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you have to get belly to belly.

You don’t get a ton of business without doing the prospecting. Remember when your parents said you had to eat your broccoli before you got dessert? Prospecting is your broccoli. It doesn’t taste good but you grow from it. It makes you strong and healthy. And then you get to dessert—commission checks. CHA-CHING!

There are some great websites that have easy to use templates. My favorite for quick, professional, do-it-yourself design site is Canva.

For bigger projects, hire a designer. There are plenty of sites where you can source a designer for a one-time project. I recommend 99Designs or Fiverr depending on the project.

If you really want to be successful, you have to prospect. Stop reading this and GO PROSPECT.