What Is The Vendor Fantasy League And How Will It Help My Business ?

What is the Vendor Fantasy League (VFL)?

  1. A series for agents of all levels to initiate, develop and earn real estate business from relationships
  2. A boot camp-style guide to change the way agents do business
  3. The only office approved fantasy league
  4. All of the above*

*Hint: it’s that one

So why the Vendor Fantasy League?

When you are a real estate agent, the business vendors you work with become the lifeblood of your business. From my experience as a Realtor that closed over 300 properties a year, I know there is virtually no limit in how you cultivate your business. With that said, I worked primarily from a referral-based system and discovered that it produced the highest yields and was the most effective way for me to increase my gross commission. The majority of my referrals, or leads, came from my diverse network of local vendors that I slowly nurtured, developed rapport, and established a relationship with; one vendor at a time. Want a prosperous and fulfilling career in real estate? Build relationships!

It’s time to get to work growing your real estate business by building awesome relationships with vendors!

Day 1: Congratulations! You’ve just completed the first day of the VFL!
Day 2: Draft Day
Day 3: Select Your Starting Lineup
Day 4: Training Camp
Day 5: Pre-Season begins… let’s make some calls!
Day 6: GAME DAY! Make the most of your meetings
Day 7: Half Time — motivation this way
Day 8: Vendor not working out? Trade ’em out!
Day 9: Need vendors fast? HAIL MARY!
Day 10: The work never stops… how to keep your network thriving in overtime.