VFL Day 6: Game Day

It’s GAME DAY! Today is the day that you actually meet with your vendors. You should be amped up and ready to go because you’ve been training and practicing.

You cannot go into the game without practicing. So if you thought that you could skip practicing, you are going to be in for some major disappointment and even worse, you’re going to lose.

I would hate for you to go out and meet with an awesome vendor and waste their time because you are unprepared. Not only are you wasting their time but you are wasting your time too. You are not an amateur, you’re an all-star. These vendors need to see that you are a pro and they need to know that you are the best out there (aka: you have your shit together). You can only articulate your awesomeness if you have practiced.

Instructions for Winning the Game

  • Engage with them. Mirror them. You want to actually learn about their business.
    • Picking vendors is like hiring a babysitter. Consider your clients are your children. You are leaving your clients in the hands of a painter or a plumber. You better feel confident that your painter or plumber is taking THE BEST care of your clients.
    • This is what building rapport is all about. When you give your vendors business they are going to give it right back.
  • Start with small talk. Learn about the vendor. You don’t want to hit them with a sales pitch right off the bat.
  • Once you feel like you have a good understanding of the vendor and how they do business, you have to ask the big question: “Do you have a great Realtor you would refer out?”
    • Yes? That’s ok! Keep that vendor in your back pocket. You met with them. You established a relationship. They may not need you now but they might need you down the road. And you might need them down the road as well.
    • No? Boom! DONE!
  • Now you need to finish filling out the rest of your Player Card
  • Fill out the notes section
  • Circle their status
    • Bench ‘Em: They aren’t likely to refer you out at this point
    • Rookie: You need to get to know them a little bit better
    • MVP: They have great business acumen, you like them and you would refer clients to them


  • Lastly, you need to follow up by handwriting a personal note (hey, there’s a script in the Playbook!)

You’ve completed one meeting, now it’s time to crank out all 16! I know you can do it! Keep plugging away! You’ve got this!