VFL Day 9: Hail Mary

It’s coming down to the wire and you need to meet vendors fast. What do you do? HAIL MARY!

We are in the 4th quarter and there are three minutes left. It’s time to win!

This is the time for a hail mary. What I mean by that is I can specifically and positively impact one vendor and it will have a ripple effect on other vendors in that industry. The idea is to connect to 10-15 people at a time and bring them something of value. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and it should be something that you can do quarterly.


I love to give back. I believe if you give it out in slices, it comes back in loaves. It’s all about good karma! My favorite way to give back was to bring breakfast to my local firehouse. It was a great way to thank firefighters for their service. When I stopped by, I reminded them that I was an active Realtor and connected to some of the best vendors and services in the area. I would tell them that if they knew anyone who wanted to buy or sell, I would love to help them. Then, when I got back to my office, I would write a personal note thanking them again and I’d drop it in the mail.

How to Run a Hail Mary

It’s time to do some critical thinking. Who would be your hail mary? Don’t just steal mine. Think about other vendors that you can reach.

  • Pick a vendor who has a large reach
  • Provide then with value
  • Remind them that you are well connected and would love to help them buy or sell
  • Follow up with a personal note
  • Repeat quarterly

What’s your hail mary? Tell me in the comments so we can all benefit from the collective ideas.