VFL Day 3: How To Select Your Lineup

Today is all about choosing your starting lineup. Game day is around the corner… which players are going to take you to the Real Estate Superbowl?

It’s time to pick your starting lineup. Who’s going to be QB? The plumber? The painter? That’s what you get to decide today.

You are going to pick the best lineup that will get you down the field. And you need to think, “Who is going to get me the best and the most referrals?”

Instructions for Picking Your Starting LineUp

Download your Player Cards

  • You need to print your Player Cards two-sided. If you don’t have 2-sided printing capabilities, just take them to your local copy shop (hint: your local copy shop might make a really great vendor…just sayin’).
  • Once you get them printed, you need to cut them up so you have 16 cards
  • Grab your Draft Sheet that you filled out yesterday and look at what type of business you picked for each category
  • On the card that correlates with the category you are going to fill in the name of the vendor (aka: the owner) and the name of the business.


What If You Don’t Know Who to Pick?

Go you! You stepped outside of your comfort zone!

  • Ask people you know for referrals
  • Use Facebook to see if your audience has any recommendations (there’s even a feature now that lets you ask your friends for recommendations)
  • Yelp is another great resource if you want to do your own research

Don’t Forget

You need to phone a friend and schedule a planning sesh. Tomorrow you’ve got some prep work to take care of!