VFL Day 8: Trade out Your Players

What happens when you meet with a vendor and they aren’t right for you? You can’t let them play on your team! It’s time to trade ’em out!

Turn to page 18 of your playbook for more details.

Review the tapes and think about the meetings you’ve had. Do you have vendors who aren’t working out for you? It’s time to trade them out.

Maybe the insurance agent has a sister is in real estate. Or the dry cleaner seems kind of shady.

If you ask the vendor what their referral process is and they tell you they don’t have a referral process, that’s definitely a red flag. You need to bench those players, get them off the field, and trade them in.

Trade Out Your Players

  • Take out your draft sheet and look it over. See if you can replace that vendor with another vendor in the same business. You can also trade that vendor for another vendor in the same industry.
  • Use Yelp or Facebook if you are having a hard time replacing your benched vendor
  • Print out a new card and replace the benched vendor with a new vendor.
  • Call the new vendor and set up an appointment to meet.

You’re recruiting. And it’s not always easy. There is some work involved. The main goal is to have a team of 16 first-string players. In order to have a great team, you’re going to have to bench some players and trade in and up.

You want to have vendors who you feel proud to have a relationship with and that the relationship is mutual.