How to Inspire a Winning Culture in Your Team

How did you create a winning team culture?

The absolute most important thing I had was a very defined set of goals.

I knew what I wanted to do because I had a killer business plan. As an individual, I knew what I wanted to make. And I knew how much much my team needed to contribute to that. My marketing plan was thorough and complete. All my pillars of business were in place and I knew what I needed to do to get the business. Lastly, I knew who was going to do what, a.k.a. the operations.

It’s very clear. The expectation is set, you have it down and your team has bought in and understands. The real magic happens when you step up and “pay to play.” What I mean is, you are actually out there doing what you say you’re doing. When you’re outworking everyone on your team, it motivates them to work harder.

A Winning Mindset

I had a winning mindset going into the creation of a team. When I first started my team, I made it my goal to double the top-producing agent in my office (as you may know, I have a little bit of a competitive streak). This was a crazy huge goal and I needed their buy in. Every little victory, we would celebrate. I wanted to keep my team motivated but I also kept it real. When we were only a month into the year, I would remind them, “This is only the beginning. We have 11 more months to go! Let’s hustle!” And we would hustle, and then we would celebrate again.

The most important thing is to model the energy you want your team to have. If they don’t see you hustling, they’re not going to hustle either. You have to lead by example and it starts with your goals. Ask yourself why you are doing the things that you are doing. You have to buy into your goals, you have to get your team on board and then you have to execute. The moment you start drifting, your team will drift too.

You have to have the best people on your team. Truly the best. From your transaction coordinator to your listing agent. You should have no doubts about their ability to succeed. Surround yourself with winners and high energy. It’s all about creating a winning atmosphere. That is how you will create a winning culture.

I have some great ideas for motivating teams!

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